January 31, 2019
MSM, LLC Communications Department

Mind Safety Management, LLC (“MSM” or the “Company”), a leading St. Louis based small business HubZone company supporting corporate business information technology needs across the region and the country announced a major reorganization of its operations in mid-January 2019. Mr. Ralph J. Thompson II, previously the organization’s Chief Operating Officer will assume the duties of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. In addition, Mr. Thompson will assume management control of the Company. Mr. Peter Jones, the previous Chairman and CEO and majority owner will continue with the company as its Chief Operating Officer and continue to support the growth of the company under Mr. Thompson’s new leadership. “Since Ralph and I have known each other and worked together over the last 20 plus years, both he and I felt the time was right for him to take over leadership of the firm. Ralph’s drive and energy are well known by all in the community. With his expanding vision for the growth of the company and the increased number of partnerships and collaboration opportunities Ralph was seeing in the market, I felt he needed the opportunity to run the company to maximize his vision of where he wanted the Company’s growth to take him.”, said Mr. Jones. “I am delighted to have this opportunity to lead Mind Safety Management.”, said Mr. Thompson. “There are a number of major collaborations with some of St. Louis’s most exciting companies that we are looking to partner with in taking MSM’s growth to a higher level. As we rebuild and add to our management team and its core strengths, I see great opportunity for MSM to be one of the leading IT infrastructure support firms in the region. Peter’s continued involvement will ensure that we stay on the right track as far as ensuring our operating integrity is sound. I look at my new challenge as one to grow the business aggressively in partnership with some of our leading local partners.”

Mr. Jones and Mr. Thompson co-founded Mind Safety Management in 2003. Started as a HUBZone corporation as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Mine Safety has been providing leading-edge IT technical support to major organizations across the country for the last 15 years. A three (3) time winner of a five year contract with the US Department of the Treasury, as well as team wins with The State of Illinois, The U.S. Army Officers Academy (Westpoint), The U.S. National Security Agency and World Wide Technology, among others, MSM has shown its ability to provide quality support services to a variety of leading organizations across multiple years of service and multiple technologies.

“MSM will continue to provide the high degree of integrity and quality in the services it currently provides, but we will also look to bring in a new vision and new support in our organization that will allow us to do even better those things that we currently do well! But even more than that, I’m looking forward to opportunities I see in the market for us to take on new roles and new challenges.”, said Mr. Thompson. “Among those opportunities I see is that now, as we can proceed with our designation as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business/ service provider. That designation will open up additional contracting opportunities for us that we couldn’t go after before. I believe that will be a big opportunity for Mind Safety Management.”

Mind Safety Management, LLC is a HubZone Certified small business that is also Minority Owned Business by the State of Missouri and Lambert Airport Authority. The firm has operated in downtown St. Louis since its founding in 2003. It has continuously operated in St. Louis since then.

For more information contact:
Ralph Thompson: rthompson@mindsafety.com
Peter Jones: pjones@mindsafety.com