October13, 2020
MSM, LLC Communications Department

St. Louis based Mind Safety Management, LLC (MSM), a leading small business HubZone company supporting corporate business information technology needs across the country, has been awarded a 3rd Party Audit inspections contract with World Wide Technology, as part of its collaboration with Alternative Build Method (ABM) Program for Cell Tower Base Station Builds. World Wide Technology (WWT), one of the largest privately owned African American IT companies in the US, earned the contract with a global leader in telecommunication’s Acquisitions and Strategic partnerships organization to help build out a Tier 1 carriers network through partnership with Rural Carriers. Program objectives encompass cell site configuration, wiring, labeling, and testing in a centralized location before shipping to the field, all of which helps to reduce costs and cycle times for customers. Consistent quality to end-customers is an additional benefit, along with the cost and times savings. A critical component to that end-customer quality assurance is the 3rd Party Audit inspections performed by MSM. These inspections help to ensure that the highest standards of product integrity are always maintained in assuring customer satisfaction. Founded in 2003, MSM, LLC is a designated SBA HubZone Certified small business; a Minority Owned Business as certified by the State of Missouri and a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business/service provider. Listed amongst the company’s successes are: a three (3) time winner of a five-year contract with the US Department of the Treasury; work with St Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball; and a strategic partner on a project with the U.S. Army Officers Academy (West Point).

Mind Safety Management, LLC is a HubZone Certified small business that is also Minority Owned Business by the State of Missouri and Lambert Airport Authority. The firm has operated in downtown St. Louis since its founding in 2003. It has continuously operated in St. Louis since then.

For more information contact:
Ralph Thompson: contact@mindsafety.com